Literary Magazine Moves Online

For as long as I can remember, ACP has created an outstanding literary magazine. Ever since last year, the magazines have been printed and bought in person, but the literary magazine is looking for a new format. This magazine is officially online! Click here to view this amazing accomplishment!

I wanted to find out more about this big transition, so I spoke with Ariel Law, a current ACP senior.

In a short interview with Ariel Law, one of the many dedicated editors of the literary magazine, she explained her journey through the literary magazine:

Q1: How long have you been working on our school’s literary magazine?

A1: We have been working since the beginning of the school year.

Q2: In what ways has the magazine grown since last year?

A2: We have converted from a paper printed magazine to a paperless format where everyone can easily access the magazine online. This year, we have also included an exclusive interview featuring our school’s very own artist who has won a big award for his or her paintings. Not only that, this year our magazine style has upgraded to a new aesthetic and modern design.

Q3: How has working on this project changed your overall mentality?

A3: It has taught me how to be more open minded to new ideas and patience when doing fine detailed editing.

Q4: Since the magazine is now online, what do you hope will come form this new experience?

A4: From it being released online, I hope that everyone would be able to read a magazine without worrying about wasting trees and enjoy convenient and free access to the amazing literature our students have submitted this year. Magazines should be something that people don’t feel a burden to read. It should be something people can read and enjoy on their downtime and also admire the time and effort everyone has contributed to this year’s magazine production.

Q5: If you could tell our students anything about this magazine, what would you say?

A5: Our magazine is built to introduce new places, ideas, and views to students at ACP. Advice articles are written to help guide students through the obstacles they face. Food wise, our magazine helps introduce the idea that eating healthy is smart. Our magazine introduces healthy and popular areas to snack on when students want to study at cafes. Our magazine’s purpose is to help changes others lives.

This is not only a great accomplishment for the magazine staff, but also for ACP. This magazine will be more readily available to the public, allowing ACP to showcase the successes throughout the year on a bigger platform. Make sure to check out the magazine at: