ACP Art is Underway

What does Ms. Krom have in store for ACP Art this year?


A new school year means another chance for ACP students to express their creativity and imagination through ACP’s art program. Ms. Krom is now in her 2nd full year teaching art at ACP and has brought fresh, new ideas to get the most out of her students’ creative abilities. Whether it’s Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, or AP Studio Art, Ms. Krom has a fun year in store. A member of ACP’s newspaper staff recently caught up with her to discuss the beginning of the new year for ACP Art.

Q: What are your first projects for drawing and painting?

A: Drawing and painting is going to be doing printmaking. We did contour line and accent line, which basically means the outline of things. Not super detailed, but it’s cool because it’s one continuous line. And then we get to turn those into prints, so you print them over and over and over again.

Q: What are a couple of cool projects which have been started? What are you excited to see?

A: Everybody’s pieces are really good…A lot of people want to judge themselves because they believe it’s not pretty, and the truth is it is not intended to be a perfect, realistic representation of whatever you’re drawing, it’s supposed to be very stylistic. They’re all really fun pieces, I couldn’t pick one.

Q: What are you getting started in Ceramics?

A: We’re learning different ways to build in clay. The first thing we’re doing this year, usually we would start with phobia pieces…but this year, we’re starting with coil vases.

Q: Are these vases going to be based on songs again?

A: We’re going to stick with that, only because it’s generic enough that everybody can make whatever they want to.

Q: Anything interesting happening in AP Art?

A: We’re starting our first project, which is going to be hybridizing different textures. Our next project is going…to be dynamic duos. We’re going to take one student in the drawing and painting class and one student in the ceramics class and hopefully, they’ll be able to make a picture and a picture frame. The ceramics student will make the picture frame and the drawing and painting student will make the picture. I gave extra time so they could make two: one for each student.

The new school year may be only a few weeks old, but the art program is off and running. The creative juices of ACP students are flowing while letting their imaginations run wild as they create masterpieces that will last a lifetime.