Last Friday’s Eight Grade Formal

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Last Friday’s Eight Grade Formal

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Dances are integral part of any school culture, and ACP has shown it is not, in any way, different. For each school year, our student council organizes multiple dances for our student body to relax, unwind, and have fun. From Homecoming to Prom, our dances have never shown to disappoint and have always demonstrated the creativity and hard work of our student council in terms of ideas and preparation.

Last Friday, on May 10, ACP held its annual 8th grade formal, where our eighth grade students were able to dress up in beautiful dresses and striking suits and dance the night away. This year, the theme was “Manhattan at Night.”

After the dance occurred, I found myself curious as to how the dance went, and as I could not have directly experienced the event myself, I decided the best approach in finding out more about how the dance went is to speak with an eight grade student who actually attended the dance and learn what his or her experience was like during the event.

I spoke with Samantha Smith to learn about her experience at the dance:

Samantha Smith pictured here

Q: What did the set-up for the dance look like?

A: At the dance, the room was decorated with street signs, lights, and stars to show a Manhattan appearance. There were black table cloths to show the Manhattan at night theme. The music included both older and current music. Also, with the music, there was flashing lights.

Q: Did you enjoy the dance?

A: It was fun. I got to go out with friends and have a cool experience for my eight grade formal. The photo booth was cool and the food was awesome, especially the pretzels.

Q: What were your favorite parts about the dance?

A: My favorite parts about the dance was probably just hanging out with friends, dancing to the songs, dressing up, and definitely the food.

The 8th Grade Formal was a great way to end off the 2018-2019 school year. We hope all eight graders who attended had fun along with Samantha!