Chandler Education Foundation Night of Recognition

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Chandler Education Foundation Night of Recognition

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Ever since freshman year, we, the Class of 2019, have put forth our best foot to strive for the impossible and reach the extraordinary. After four arduous years of work, our efforts finally paid off. Many of our seniors have won scholarships to their selected colleges, but a handful of our seniors were formally recognized at the CEF Banquet for the scholarships awarded by the Chandler Education Foundation. These seniors include: Brooke Betsuie, Evie Jimenez, Kaitlyn Starks, Chloe Fung, Sophia Lee, Jessica Tells, Ariel Law, Samantha Owusu-Antwi, and myself, Caroline Whitesel. Knights, these scholarships took years of hard work and dedication, and along with the other
great accomplishments of our seniors, they should be celebrated.

Caroline Whitesel, posing with Mrs. Patterson and her parents after the CEF Ceremony.

Our seniors have been awarded scholarships from volunteering to athletics, and all awards are listed below:

Brooke Betsuie- Howard K. Conley Scholarship

Evie Jimenez- Al & Jean Howell Track & Field Scholarship

Kaitlyn Starks- ACP Community Scholarship

Chloe Fung- Dignity Health East Valley Volunteer Scholarship

Sophia Lee- IMPACT Scholarship, ACP Erie Booster Scholarship, Chandler Rotary Scholarship

Jessica Tells- IMPACT Scholarship

Caroline Whitesel- IMPACT Scholarship

Ariel Law- Haley Knutsen Memorial Scholarship

Samantha Owusu-Antwi- IMPACT Scholarship

Way to go, Seniors!

During the ceremony, all seniors in the district who won CEF scholarships were called up by each school to be honored individually. ACP’s recipients proudly walked across the small stage and to the panel of CEF board members, donors, school officials (including our own Mr. Bickes), Dr. Casteel, and many more renowned officials.

Personally, I was shocked when I found out I won the IMPACT Scholarship. The shock faded and gratitude soon followed. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help my community through the IMPACT Scholarship and many other ways. I was curious to see what my fellow recipients felt when they won their award, so I asked them. Here are their responses:

Brooke Betsuie- “When I first found out, I was really surprised and filled with so much gratitude! I really didn’t think I was going to receive anything, but hearing the news, I was extremely  happy and proud of myself.”

Evie Jimenez- “I just felt honored and really pleased that the time I had put into expressing myself through the essay and my years in track had paid off.”

Kaitlyn Starks- “I was extremely grateful. ACP has given me so many opportunities and it was unfathomable that they would contribute to my future education even further!”

Chloe Fung- “I was happy, because it relates to my field of interest, and I have less college tuition to pay!”

Jessica Tells- “I was super happy and overjoyed to have gotten [the IMPACT Scholarship]. I had the feeling of “Wow. I just did that”.”

Ariel Law- “I felt very thankful!”

Samantha Owusu-Antwi- “I thought it was really cool, because it’s money I can use for college!”

Seniors, great job on all your hard work and congratulations on your accomplishments!