Kazushi Iwamoto at Nationals

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Kazushi Iwamoto at Nationals

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Kazushi Iwamoto (far left) during his fantastic soccer season.

Among our greatest scientists on campus stands a junior that excels in several categories. A talented soccer player and motivated student, Kazushi Iwamoto stands tall in the face of the Junior NSHS (National Science and Humanities Symposium) in New Mexico. Placing 2nd place overall at the Arizona JNSHS finals, this finish earned Kazushi a $1,500 scholarship and a spot as a presenter at the esteemed national event. The entire state of Arizona could only send two presenters to the entire event!

I met with Kazushi Iwamoto to discuss the event and how he felt about attending nationals.

Q: What did you do at nationals?

A: I presented my project to multiple interested groups and graders. It was a lot of standing, and a lot of talking, but fun to present my project in different ways each time someone asked about it.

Q: How long was the event?

A: It was five days long total, but the time went fast when I had to present my project. Despite the amount of time spent just watching and standing around, the whole event seemed to fly by.

Q: Did you win any awards?

A: I didn’t place in anything at Nationals, but the experiences and skills I gained and improved upon during the five days was a award in its own right. I felt proud to even attend the event!

Q: What can you say to those who are looking to qualify for the Nationals Science and Humanities Symposium themselves?

A: It’s a lot of hard work and time spent to display a project solidly. That being said, nothing you do matters more than your own interest in what you present. If you’re not invested in what you’re trying to display, the graders will see that; they’ll recognize a lack of passion. The work always feels less difficult when you’re excited to share what you’ve been studying.

Kazushi Iwamoto, albeit humble about his scientific successes, understands his accomplishments at and before nationals. Crediting his friends, family, and interest in science, Kazushi continues to work at the forefront of displays of scientific prestige on campus. Congratulations to Kazushi on this commendable achievement!