Our Fourth Quarter Spirit Week

Solika Nhean, Co-editor

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This quarter’s Spirit Week has been one spectacular week of creative outfits and interesting styles. As I through the campus, I was faced with students dressed in clothing that varied from barely-brushing on the Spirit day prompt to fully portraying the theme. It was wonderful to see how unique each style was, whether they were simple or flamboyant, and I enjoyed the enthusiasm our students had in dressing up for each themed day.

Sofía Soto-Herrera

On Outdated Trends Tuesday, I snapped a picture of Sofía Soto-Herrera (senior) dressed in a pretty multi-colored, knitted sweater with a pair of denim pants and a jean jacket. While Sofía never told me, I could tell this outfit was screaming an ‘80’s theme.

Katarina Marceta and Taylor Smith

During Bougee Wednesday, the whole campus was dressed in all forms of designer clothing and expensive looks, students flooding the school grounds with fur jackets, snazzy sunglasses, and Gucci shirts. On that day, I managed to catch up with two different set of students who definitely exemplified  the term “bougee.”

The first set of students I spoke with were Katarina Marceta (sophomore) and Taylor Smith (junior), who both wore designer-themed t-shirts. Katarina was dressed in black, white, and red Tommy Hiliger shirt, while Taylor was wearing a white Guess shirt with a red triangle outlining the brand’s name.

Whitney Riley and Eva Chen

The second set of students I spoke with were seniors, Whitney Riley and Eva Chen. Whitney was dressed in a brown fur jacket and adorned a pair of gold sunglasses, while Eva was posing in her fancy, gray sweater-jacket.

Danielle Devoy

On Circle of Life Thursday, I managed to catch up with Danielle Devoy (senior), who was dressed in an outfit that exemplified this day’s themed perfectly. Danielle had her hair pulled up into two high pigtails and wore a colorful dress shirt and a rainbow-striped blouse.

This Spirit Week was quite an interesting one, and I had fun finding new ways to dress up for each theme. I hope everyone had a great dressing up for this quarter’s Spirit Week!