Surviving and Thriving Through Fourth Quarter


Fourth quarter. The time of year where teachers’ bathroom passes evolve from lanyards to keyboards, tissue boxes, and the most obscure and extravagant items. Fourth quarter appears to be the longest and seemingly the most wasted portion of the year.

Teachers rush to finish all require material while students procrastinate on most, if not all, of their assignments, while both dread the eminent doom of finals. The last quarter is full of stress, but most importantly hope. Everyone in school focuses on the upcoming summer break, which is only a few short tests away. This last quarter is one of the most difficult to muddle through, but simply surviving through these final weeks of school may actually be the best way to stay sane until summer break. When the last quarter is upon us, there are a few tips to thriving through the quarter while doing the least amount of work as possible that every student could use to their advantage.

Tip #1: Finish Strong!

If you are struggling in a class, make sure to talk to your teacher on how you can bring your grades up. Also, paying attention to the classes you are struggling with is key. By doing this, you’ll know what classes to study extra for for finals, and which ones to review.

Tip #2: Be patient.

Remember: teachers are humans. If students ask questions such as, “Why are we learning this?” or “When can we have a party?”, can drive them mad, causing them to react with more work during class. Being patient with your teachers and classmates will allow for a positive environment to end the school year.

Tip #3: Look forward to something.

The best way to muddle through fourth quarter while still keeping your sanity is to remember that summer break is so close! Summer will be full of fun memories with friends and family, and are only a few short weeks away.

Summer break is closer than ever, and utilizing tips and tricks like these are a sure way to help you maintain your sanity until next year.