Ashley Gaskin Takes Home the Silver

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Ashley Gaskin Takes Home the Silver

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Ashley Gaskin, current senior at ACP, has been ice skating for many years. Recently, Ashley was awarded the Silver Level Graduating Seniors Award. Ashley’s years of commitment have shown her to be both an excellent student but also a talented skater.

Ashley earned her reward on behalf of the Program Development Committee of U.S. Figure Skating. This award recognizes graduation seniors for their school accomplishments and commitment to the U.S. Figure Skating team. Many awards were given out, including the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, all based off a skater’s level of competitive achievements while in high school. Awards are given at the Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze level based off a skater’s level of competitive achievement in high school.

In a short interview with Ashley, she highlighted the important aspects of this award and what it really means:

Q1: What was your first reaction when you found out you won the Silver Level Graduating Seniors Award?

A1: My first reaction when I found out I won the Silver Level Graduation Seniors Award was excitement. After 10 years figure skating, it was nice to be recognized for my dedication to the sport through the ups and downs.

Q2: How did you receive this award?

A2: I received this award through the Graduating Seniors Program within U.S. Figure Skating.

Q3: What did you have to do in order to earn this award?

A3: In order to earn this award, I had to fill out an application provided by the Graduating Seniors Program. The application asked what figure skating tests I had passed, if I had competed, and my GPA.

Q4: Is there anything else I should know about your award?

A4: There are different levels awarded to seniors: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The program is based off of your accomplishments in figure skating while maintaining academic studies. Also fun fact, the names of the people who are awarded are published in SKATING magazine.

This accomplishment will not only be recognized by our student body, but will also be published in SKATING magazine. Way to go, Ashley!