Volunteering Activities


Many students, focused on the grades and points from there classes, often forget to consider the value of helping others. For our juniors looking to improve their resumes, look no further; volunteering opportunities are abound in the month of April. If you have been unable to attend Key Club meetings, searching for volunteering hours is still a relatively simple process.

Types of Volunteering Opportunities

1. Hospitals or Nursing Homes

The Chandler Regional Medical Center offers opportunities for both aspiring medical professionals and those who need volunteer hours. Click here for more: https://www.dignityhealth.org/arizona/locations/chandlerregional/ways-to-give/volunteer-services

2. Children and Mentoring

The Big Brothers, Big Sisters foundation in Arizona provides multiple opportunities to volunteer and work with children. From coming in just an hour every other week during recess, to becoming a school mentor and assistant/tutor, the opportunities to help children are endless. Other opportunities involve just becoming a role model for nearby students in person or online. Visit the Mentoring website (mentoring.org) in order to find out more.

3. Animal Shelters

Local groups and organizations like the Arizona Humane Society offer multitudes of volunteering opportunities for students of any age. PAWS, Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue, and AZ Friends for Life Animal Rescue are all open to volunteering opportunities. Visit the Arizona Humane Society’s website to learn more.

4. Food Banks or Soup Kitchens

The Feeding America foundation provides an overarching view of how to assist with local starvation and poverty in your community. Locally, many know about Feed My Starving Children, which helps to distribute meals to impoverished families both locally and in the world. For information concerning the Feeding America foundation, click here:


5. Libraries

Local libraries in Arizona provide summer programs for volunteering. These programs offer a ton of experience and provide dozens of different activities for volunteers. For information on Chandler library involvement, click here:


6. Museums

The Phoenix Art Museum, among other local art galleries, provides volunteering opportunities. With no artistic background necessary, volunteers are able to get a behind-the-scenes look at museum occupations and become the backbone of local artistry and the maintenance of museums. For more valuable information on museum volunteering, click here:


7. Nonprofits

Local non-profit organizations, including the Salvation Army, provide the societal backbone for the impoverished in Arizona. Dozens of non-profits exist locally, so the possible choices are bountiful. For finding the local non-profit that fits you perfectly, click here:


Of course, the complete list of volunteering opportunities does not fall into these specific lists. Researching websites to discover new local volunteering opportunities, including volunteermatch.org, create a full picture of where to assist your community. Anyone can make a change, it’s just up to you to believe you can.