A Week Full of Fun…

This April marks the second year of ACP’s traditional International Festival, which is this Friday, April 12th, from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. To start off the festivities, STUGO has prepared a week full of activities to get students and staff hyped up for the finale on Friday.

Sejal Jain, Astha Rohit, and Mrs. Nath representing India on Fashion Day. Photo courtesy of Astha Rohit.

On Monday, which consisted of a day full of music and entertainment, students started off the school day with an early morning assembly. The pep assembly lasted a full hour and was a lot of fun; students were able to participate in games and activities prepared by STUGO and watch a fashion show put on by some students, who wore clothes representing their culture and country and strutted down the gym while everyone clapped on.

One of the more popular games bore a similar resemblance to musical chairs. At the end of the gym, five chairs with designated countries (The Netherlands, France, China, India, and Mexico) sat and a couple hundred feet away, five students waited. When the music turned on, they had to run to the chair/country that they thought the song was from. Later on, Mrs. Nath, Señora Berger, Mrs. Lewandowski, Mr. Tyler, and Ms. Krom tried out the game and had a blast!

The next day happened to be Fashion Day. Students were allowed to wear their traditional dress that illustrated their heritage and culture. Many students showed up in full cultural wear, while some opted for a more modern approach. Some wore jerseys representing their countries while others simply dressed in their country colors donning traditional attire.

On Wednesday, aka Art Day, students were assigned the task of decorating their third hour doors based off of an assigned country. Thursday is Wildlife Day and will feature a lunch activity on the basketball court. Friday will consist of a Kahoot! and of course, the festival. The festival will be held on ACP Erie’s west field from 5:00 p.m. until 8 p.m. and will consist of different cultural and club booths, carnival like games, and traditional performances. Entrance fee is $3. Make sure not to miss it!