UofA Visits ACP April 9


UofA is one of the many in-state schools that ACP students seek out for a college education. ACP’s upperclassmen are very familiar with colleges and our school’s relationship to ASU, UofA, GCU, NAU, and the many other colleges that reside in Arizona, but for those who seek more knowledge on these colleges, this article is for you!

The University of Arizona is a public research, four-year college that is located in Tucson, AZ. Interestingly enough, UofA was founded in 1885 and is the first university in the Arizona Territory. With an acceptance rate of 76%, UofA is a great school to consider for college, especially given their advanced School of Medicine and research opportunities. Furthermore, UofA has visited ACP multiple times a year in order to help current seniors decide what college is best for them and allow juniors to research the type of college that would be most beneficial for them. This past Tuesday, April 9, UofA visited ACP to discuss the options our students have in the future. Knights, UofA met in the library during B lunch to discuss important information regarding college applications, the UofA campus, answering questions about college, and much  more information. If you missed this meeting, make sure to stop by the counselor and career center and talk with Mrs. Dalton about UofA, or to have any questions you may have answered.

Knights, Mrs. Dalton is our college expert and is more than willing to answer any questions that will help you decide on your college and prepare for your future. Make sure to stop by her office for more information!