Tips to Achieve Success in Science

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Science can be rather tough subject for many students to tackle in school. From balancing chemical equations to understanding momentum, the concepts students need to learn can be difficult to comprehend. However, as much of a struggle science can be for some students, being able to understand its different concepts and utilize them effectively is vital for success now and in the future. As a result, I decided to comprise a collection of tips from teachers in the science department to aid student struggling in science.

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I contacted Dr. Hester, who teaches Core Physics and AP Physics, to see if she had any tips to help students in  improving their grades and succeeding in science. She explains, in order to perform well in her class, all students really need to do is make sure they take notes when she lectures in class, utilize the study guides she gives for each unit and work on the problems, study a little every night to make sure the information retained will stick in their minds, and come to class with questions.

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When I spoke with Mr. Jagiello, who teaches Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry, he stressed the importance of not falling behind, as Chemistry is a cumulative class. He also states reading the assigned sections of text and taking careful notes on each chapter is vital for students to do fully understand each concept, as well as avoid cramming by studying a few minutes daily. Additionally, students should work on all of the assigned problems with pencil and paper, Chemistry is mathematical and will often require erasing from mistakes. Ultimately, by reading the text, working with others, continuously studying, and asking questions, students will be on the right track into succeeding in science.

Science is not an easy subject for many people, as the concepts in it are rather complex, but by following these tips provided by our outstanding science teachers, students will definitely be able to prosper in class. I believe in the ability of our students to perform well, as long as they pay attention, put in effort, and do their absolute best. As for my own tips, I recommend students attend tutoring as often as they can, communicate with their teachers in both education and personal matters, and continuously looks back at their notes to make sure they are not forgetting the information they learned. Good luck on this last quarter, Knights!