Dear Universe

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To the galaxy’s stars, thank you for inspiring us to follow our dreams by asking us to wish upon your existence. You might deny it, but I know you allow your stardust to fall on humanity when times are the hardest and hope is nearing nonexistent to us. I’m sure you understand how much we need it at times. 

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To the earth’s moon, thank you for drawing the tides forward so the ocean water can tickle our toes with their kisses as we watch the night sky on a peaceful midnight at the beach. I would like to note how gorgeous you appear when we stop to gaze at you. The universe did a wonderful job with you.

To the Milky Way’s sun, thank you for brightening our sky with golden rays when we wake up each morning and for warming our cats as they lazily lounge on our windowsills. I’m grateful for the nutrients you provide to our succulents and flowers to feed and nurture them. It is also lovely of you to fuel our solar panels to help us move a step further into preserving our beautiful earth for our future generations and lightly kiss our foreheads on harsh, winter days.

Photograph borrowed

To the passing meteors, thank you for not killing us just yet. We really appreciate it; although, we would like to ask you to avoid approaching us at such a rapid speed, only to divert yourself away from earth at the last second. We’re rather fragile creatures, you see?

To the obscure planets, thank you for fascinating humanity with your peculiar habits and encouraging scientists, with each secret you allow them, to uncover more about you. Did you know you’re displayed on the covers of astronomy magazine and have hundreds of articles dedicated just to you? That’s how outstanding you truly are!

Thank you, dear nature, for giving us sights that make waking up incredibly worth doing so. You painted the Northern Lights onto the sky to illuminate the cold arctic with hues of various kinds and created the Niagara Falls to show us how gorgeous the natural world can be if we only stop to admire it. You handed us furry animals to keep us company on our lonely nights in. I would like to add that you did an especially good job on dogs and cats. 

To all parts of this vast universe, thank you for filling our homes with the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven and delivering color to world by showering the earth with your rain to encourage the blooms to greet us. It is delightful how you sprinkle the night with dazzling meteor showers and brilliant shooting stars. Look, universe! People gather around just to see these wonderful phenomena you share with us. Universe, you have brought beauty and life to our world and expect so little in return. Therefore, we must thank you. After all, universe, you are the reason we continue to be awed by the earth, the stars, and everything beyond.

Yours truly,