ACP Cheer Stunts Their Way to Nationals

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ACP Cheer Stunts Their Way to Nationals

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As a proud Knight of ACP Erie, we, as a student body, set goals and expectations and always try to excel and improve. One of these many instances of excelling at personal goals involves our Cheer Team’s recent competition at state.

The Cheer Team eagerly awaits their journey to California to begin in order compete at Nationals.

Our Cheer and Pom Teams traveled to California for their annual National competition. With stunning form and bright smiles, our Cheer Team earned 8th place in the Nation. What an accomplishment! In an interview with one of the team captains, Liz Johnson, she expressed how proud she was of the team and everything they have accomplished this season.

Q1: Can you explain how you and your team felt the day the team was scheduled to compete?

A1: The team was really excited!   We had just had a nice team dinner the night before where the coaches send some kind words, and Reagan [Sobieski] and I handed out specialized awards to each girl. To be honest, the day of the competition we were at Disney for half the day, which kept us at ease, but as the day went on, we kicked it into competition mode. Obviously, most of us were nervous to preform but, in my opinion, as we were standing backstage moments before we competed, I’ve never felt so close to the team. I truly felt that I was participating in my last competition with my family, which made me excited that my last hoorah would be with the people I loved the most.

Q2: If you could have done anything differently at Nationals, what would you change?

A2: I know this is going to sound cliche, but I would change nothing. Absolutely nothing. The team did what we set out to do, and I wouldn’t change any of it.

Q3: Overall, how do you feel the team did?

A3: Oh, I am SO proud of what the team put out. All of our hard work and months of preparation showed as we put out a stellar performance, and we all knew it! Stepping off that mat, most of us broke into tears because we knew we preformed at our best. As a cheer team we felt that we had just represented ACP in a way that has never been done before.

Q4: As a graduating senior, what aspect of cheer will you take and utilize throughout your life after high school?

A4: Teamwork. Plain and simple, cheer is a team oriented sport. It takes everyone putting in their 100% for the team to do well as a whole.

Knights, our cheer team excelled at Nationals, so if you see a member of the Cheer or Pom Team on campus, make sure to congratulate them on a job well done!