ACP’s Mobius E-Waste Club Searches for Change

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As ACP grows and expands, so does our community. With over 100 graduating seniors, ACP has experienced changes many may have thought would take longer to accomplish! With all these changes, new developments on campus also occur. One of these brand new developments is the Mobius E-Waste Club. This club was founded by seniors Nicole Carmiol, Elias Hernandez, Maxime Brault, Nathan Yenerich, Tiana Lam, and Bronson Bach, with a goal to promote awareness of the harm improper recycling of electronics has on our environment, as well as raising awareness of the need to recycle electronics properly.

For more background information, E-Waste is defined as electronics that are thrown away, but have hazardous materials in the product that are released into our environment. Although it is a big problem for our environment, many people do not fully understand what E-Waste is or does to our environment, giving Nicole Carmiol and Elias Hernandez the idea to start this much needed program at our school with their group of friends who deeply care about the environment.

Also, Nicole Carmiol and Elias Hernandez recently attended the Arizona Recycling Coalition’s Annual Gala, which is a meeting for others invited to the Gala, as well as a luncheon. This event allows for others to create connections with those  in the recycling industry, as well as promoting the importance of recycling, especially of the need to recycle electronics. At this Gala, Nicole and Elias were able to speak with others who had years of education on this important subject, while also making connections to help our school accomplish more with this club. Both Nicole and Elias are in the process of directing and proposing ideas to help our school be more eco-friendly. Nicole expressed that their club will be producing some type of drive to ensure electronics are being properly addressed in the near future, so keep your eyes open for more information about this project!

Knights, the conference Nicole and Elias attended was monumental for ACP history, for they were the only high school students in attendance, meaning they had an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of professionals who strive to help our environment. If you have any questions regarding this club, or if you are interested in joining, make sure to contact Nicole or Elias.


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