Spring Tryouts Usher in a New Season


Closing off an electric winter season of sports, our spring stars are ready to jump into action wherever they are. From our intense court sports including volleyball and tennis, to the sprawling arenas of golf, track, and softball, our incoming athletes are more than prepared to bring the legacy of the school across the state.

The Results

Girls Varsity Basketball: 

Girls Varsity Basketball showed improvement far beyond the psuedo-indicative W-L ratio. Despite an overall record of 4-13, the team boasted two pivotal wins during the conference games. The two conference matches, a clinched victory and an annihilation of the opposition, demonstrated the continuing drive of the team in the face of intense competition and athletic strife. Congratulations to our persevering Girls Varsity Basketball team!

Boys Varsity/Junior Varsity/Freshman Basketball:

Across the entirety of boys basketball, each team represented the culmination of continued practice not only as individuals, but as an entire lineup. Varsity Basketball held a solid 5-13 record, with four of the wins occurring in the conference games. Against intense competition in their division, that record is far from inadequate. JV Basketball, despite a vicious season, persevered throughout the entire season, providing close games even when they were behind by several points. Freshman Basketball finished a commendable season, demonstrating elite athletic prowess on the court with a 7-9 record, with three colossal victories occurring in major conference games.

Across all lineups, every player showed admirable prowess in skill and teamwork. On behalf of our newspaper staff, we would like to congratulate the basketball team on their overwhelming improvement this season!


Our wrestling team represented respectable improvement across the entire season, with 11 varsity wrestlers trying their hand at the state wrestling competition. Jad Mazboudi represented ACP as the State Runner-up for wrestling, and Kellen Gibson placed a contentious 6th place at State. Mishi Estrada and Alicia Nguyen personified the ACP spirit at the first Arizona Girls Wrestling Sectional, offering a typified view of the skills that our wrestlers bring to the table. Congratulations to our successful ACP Wrestling team on a fantastic season!

Boys Varsity/Junior Varsity Soccer:

Our boys soccer teams provided exhilarating matches on a back-to-back basis. Varsity Soccer eked out a 9-6 win-loss ratio, with JV soccer close on the heels. Varsity soccer performed to the best of their abilities during the playoff season, clinching a tight playoff game against Coronado HS with a superb fourth quarter. We can’t wait to see what our soccer stars can do next season on the field!

Girls Varsity/Junior Varsity Soccer:

Varsity Soccer went 9-7-1 for their season, losing a close playoff game to finish off a successful season. The professional skills outlined by our varsity players is most certainly represented in the JV players, who provided close competition even in the face of intense opposition. Both teams, despite the close losses, presented extreme sportsmanship across the field.

The Spring Season

Our fantastic winter sports, all of which were successful in their own ways, are entering the locker room as our promising spring athletes enter the court. Meeting with one member from each incoming team, here are the most encouraging aspects of our future championship players:

Boys Volleyball:

The boys varsity and junior varsity teams represent the culmination of intense practice by our returning players, and the strong team chemistry that has been carried year to year from returning athletes to our new starters. The full roster can be found here, along with a description of every player currently on the 2018-2019 team: http://www.hometeamsonline.com/teams/?u=ACPBOYSVOLLEYBALL&s=htosports

Girls Beach Volleyball:

Girls beach volleyball is continuing their athletic prowess outside of the court, with many court players leading the front on the challenging take on the sport. Locally recognized players like Daria Sukhareva, Krista Rowan, and Julia Golichowski provide ample support to a developing team. With their first game on February 20th, the team looks more ready than ever to take the season by storm.


A burgeoning team on the horizon of greatness this season is our fantastic ACP Softball team. With athletes maintaining a variety of different skills on the field, the team is more likely to succeed than ever. Under the coaching of Kelly Saadi, the team will truly see no limits on their success.

Coed Tennis:

Tennis is taking the court by storm, and confirmation from athletes like Hunter Tran and Michael Thompson only provide more support to the success of the team. Considering the success of our female tennis players earlier in the year, the team is on track to dominate the court (and the net).

Boys/Girls Varsity Track: 

Our speediest athletes, both male and female, are without a doubt the most intensely diverse group of athletes on campus. With many  track stars performing in at least one other sport, it’s not unlikely that many of the runners will use these abilities to push harder than ever on the track.


Our talented golfers, despite the loss of great former golfers like Martin Clancy and Nate Rowan, paired with the diligent training with Coach Fraser provide an extreme amount of support for our developing golfers. In terms of the skill needed for golfing, our team is nearly set.

The success of our outgoing winter teams sets a strong standard for the incoming spring athletes, but previous season statistics and the improvement of our returning athletes only leads to predictions of success for all of our beginning sports. Congratulations to our selected spring athletes, and on behalf of ACP, we cannot wait to see the athletic success that our teams will bring to the table!