Congrats Ms. Painter!

Congrats Ms. Painter!

This summer, while students are on their summer breaks, some high school teachers and college professors will be busy assessing and evaluating AP Exams taken by students during the end of the school year. AP Exams (Advanced Placement) allow students to pursue college-level studies while still attending high school.

The AP Exams consist of portfolio assessments, or contain multiple-choice and free-response questions that allow students to show their understanding of the harsh and meticulous college-level programs.

The teachers chosen to score the AP Exams are known as AP Readers. Precisely 18,000 college faculty and AP teachers around the globe have been chosen to evaluate and score 25 million free-response answers in June. AP Readers must apply or be invited to score, while spots are limited.

Despite sounding like a seemingly boring job, being an AP Reader has many benefits. For teachers, they can earn professional development hours and CEUs (Continuing Education Units).  All readers receive compensation for the work they perform, and many times even get to travel out of state.

One of the high school teachers chosen to help grade the exams is our own Deborah Painter. Ms. Painter is the AP Government, Economics and Psychology teacher at Erie. An ASU alumnus and fanatic Sun Devil fan, Ms. Painter has a Master’s in Secondary Education and two BA Degrees (one in history and one in anthropology). She received a Barringer Fellowship award July 2018 and has been a Table Leader for the AP College Board Seminar for the last three years.

This is a magnificent achievement for Ms. Painter, whose strong character and passionate personality are prominent in her teaching methods. Again, a huge congratulations to Ms. Painter! We believe in you!