A Message From the College and Career Center

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Hey Knights! I hope everyone had a fantastic winter break and enjoyed the extremely necessary time away from school. But now that school is back in session, and third quarter is already in full swing, there are a few extremely important messages and information that Mrs. Dalton would like you all to know.

First off, seniors, as you know scholarships are extremely important when it comes to deciding on where to go to college, and they are an immense help when it comes to affording your dream school.  If you have applied, or intend on applying, for the Chandler Education Foundation Scholarship, those applications are due March 6th to Mrs. Dalton. You can access the CEF page online by going to the College and Career Center Tab on the ACP website and then continue on by clicking on the Senior information and the Chandler Education Foundation tab.

Next, juniors, the ACT test is approaching quickly with the test scheduled here at ACP for April 2nd. Remember, the school is paying for ALL juniors to take this exam, so be sure you prepare and study intensively to ensure that this free test is worthwhile. Normally this test totals $42.50 if you decide to take it elsewhere, so be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Because this test is vital in applying an going to college, you’re definitely going to want to study. You are able to utilize a completely free ACT test prep website at: https://academy.act.org/?_ga=2.54787363.90394973.1547151375-699012134.1547151375, so study as much as your heart desires.

Finally, for the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, Mrs. Dalton has provided a Summer Program link on the College and Career Center page that contains a plethora of information and opportunities of programs to enroll in. Enrolling in Summer Programs is extremely beneficial when it comes to applying for colleges as it tends to set you apart from other students.

So Knights, be sure that you are always checking in on the College and Career Center page for great opportunities and reminders from Mrs. Dalton, after all, she is definitely the expert and is always here to help.