ACP Girls Varsity Volleyball gets District Recognition

ACP Girls Varsity Volleyball gets District Recognition

As many of you know, our girls varsity volleyball team is truly a force to be reckoned with. After proving their talent by competing incredibly in the 3A Conference Championship, they finished the championship with a runners-up title, bringing home the trophy.

With the incredible performance that they put on in the championship, several of the girls on the teamed were deemed excellent athletes by the Chandler District.

The All CUSD Teams is a series of three teams that the district officials create based on the most contending athletes in each sport. The first team is composed of the best athletes in the sport, and we happen to have one of our very own Knights as a part of the first team.

Congratulations to junior Krista Rowan for receiving the All CUSD first team recognition!

Not only do we have a first team member, but we have a couple honorable mentions as well! Congratulations to senior Daria Sukhareva and junior Julia Golichowski for an amazing season.

And last, but certainly not least, our very own teacher, Mrs. Heather Orr, was named the All CUSD Coach of the Year. Mrs. Orr has been successfully coaching the girls volleyball team to near-championship titles for several years now, with each year’s team getting closer and closer to that esteemed championship title.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to witness the talent that is the girls volleyball team, do not worry. Later in the school year, many of the girls from the team continue their athletic season on the beach volleyball team where they once again compete for a championship title.

So Knights, be sure to congratulate students Krista Rowan, Daria Sukhareva, Julia Golichowski, and teacher/coach Mrs. Orr on their amazing accomplishments and recognition!