Class Pre-Registration is Due 12/18!

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Can you believe that the first semester is already almost over? Time for finals, winter break, and most importantly, catching up on all that missing sleep.

But before we start rejoicing on the beginning of winter break, there is one thing that most students need to do. Eighth graders, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, it’s time to pick which classes you would like to take next year. By now, you should have received a piece of paper with all of the class options you are able to choose based on what grade you will be in next year. However, there are some elective classes that are only available to juniors or seniors, so be sure to double check if you’re eligible for the classes you desire.

When registering for your classes, there are specific graduation requirements held by the Chandler District. Those requirements are the completion of four credits of math and English, three credits of science and social studies, one credit of fine arts or CTE , and 5.5 credits of electives; however, you are more than likely going to finish with way more than 5.5 elective credits.

You should also be aware of the CUSD graduation requirements, but the universities in Arizona also have entrance requirements that differ from those of CUSD. Those requirements are four credits of math and English, three credits of science, two credits of social studies and world languages, one fine arts credit, and zero elective credits. So, if you’re looking to attend a university in Arizona, make sure you take those two world language classes.

For the 2019-2020 school year, there are a plethora of new elective classes you can take that are core, honors, or AP classes. Not only do you have a choice or AP or non-AP classes, but you also potentially have the choice of a semester or full-year class. There are, however, many courses that require teacher approval to take, such as the newspaper or yearbook class, or the more advanced foreign language classes. Because of the different choices available for electives, if a class does not meet the minimum student requirement, the class will not exist, so be sure to include two alternative electives.

So Knights, this class pre-registration is due next Monday, December 18th, and a parent signature is required, so make sure you fill out the paper and submit them to your specified teacher!