Volleyball Serves Up a Storm at State

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 The most successful and well-known team on this campus works as hard on the court as they do off of it. After an illustrious season with more than strong records, the team finally ended their state run in second place. Alexi Aguilar, JV volleyball Libero and proficient player, had this to say about the team.

Q: How did the team perform at state?

A: They did great. They went all the way to their finals in their first year in division 3A. A lot of it can be attributed to them practicing every day and pushing to be stronger as a unit.

Q: What is the most important aspect of a volleyball player?

A: Willingness and adaptability for sure. They have to be coachable and have a solid and positive attitude. Willingness to be better and maintain a strong environment for the team is pivotal for a strong group.

Q: How valuable is team chemistry for this sport?

A: Team chemistry can make or break a team. We do a ton of team bonding events to make sure the team is close, personal, and comfortable with eachother.

Q: What were the regional and conference records for the team?

A: For the conference games, the team went 7-1. In the regional games, the team went 8-1. Overall, the team went 15-2, which is a remarkable record for a team acting as a newcomer into a new division.

Q: What would you say to future volleyball players interested in playing on the team next year?

A: Do it; it’s really fun! We have a cohesive team and in need of spots to fill with our seniors leaving next year. The coaches go through the ropes of playing and make sure that you can perform to the best of your own abilities so you can help the team. It’s a great atmosphere for athletes and really makes you feel like you’re part of a family.

The volleyball team is one of the most potent powerhouses at this school, but it didn’t get that way overnight. Interested athletes should not hesitate to learn more about this team; our varsity team’s coach, Coach Orr, would be more than willing to help with any questions about the team. We can’t wait to see what auspicious athletes lead this team to greatness in the coming years!