Cheer Team Flies Their Way to State

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Cheer Team Flies Their Way to State

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Last Saturday, our ACP Varsity cheer team pushed through to the top four teams in the qualifying competition. Now, the team is laboriously preparing for their stake at state. Megan Smith, a premier varsity cheerleader, is here to offer more information on the successful team.

Q: Is this the first year at state for the cheer team?

A: Yes, but pom went years before.

Q: What will the team need to work on the most before state rolls around in February?

A: We have to clean our dance a lot because the team performs the same one for every competition. Making the steps sharper and cleaning the entire routine has a colossal impact on the fluidity of the dance in general.

Q: How many players are on the varsity team?

A: Around 16.

Q: How did the team perform at qualifications?

A: The team reached top four for the entire competition. We don’t know exactly where we placed, but we received a lot of good feedback from judges and spectators.

Q: Is team chemistry a major factor in the cheer team cohesion?

A: Definitely. If you don’t trust eachother, like a flyer not trusting her bases, then the entire routine is not going to perform.

Q: What would you say to somebody who is interested in doing cheer next year?

A: Work on your flexibility, and work out often. We run miles, lift weights, and a lot of our practices are in the mornings. Making sure you have the time for this commitment is a major factor in the performance of the entire team.

The cheer team is one of the hardest working groups on this campus. Our Knights cannot wait to see these high-performing athletes show off everything they’ve practiced for this February at state.