ACP Teams are Heading to State

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This year, we have proved to the rest of the state that ACP’s sports teams are truly ones to be reckoned with. We have Girls Volleyball, Swim, and the Chess teams all attending state competitions this week.

If you have been attending the assorted games this season, you have definitely seen our classmates in their prime. We have swimmers breaking their personal records, Volleyball going almost undefeated, and the Chess Team showing off their incredible skills and minds. These state competitions begin today, November 2nd, and continue into tomorrow.

First off, the chess team competed this morning at Catalina Foothills HS in part one of their two-day championship competition. Part two will commence tomorrow morning, also at Catalina Foothills HS.

Next, our girls Volleyball team started their state games this morning with round one, coming out with a victorious 5-1 win meaning they are moving onto round two, taking place this afternoon at Camelback HS. If they continue their win streak, the semifinals will be tomorrow, and if they win that game as well, the state finals are tomorrow afternoon, also at Camelback HS.

Finally, we have our incredible swim team, competing in their state preliminaries meet this afternoon at Phoenix Country Day School, at 3:30 to be precise. After this meet today, they will be going to the state finals meet tomorrow, at 2:30, at Phoenix Country Day School as well.

It is truly a great feat that our school has become so incredible at almost every sport. As a school that has put academics first, no one expects us to be this immensely talented at the sports we compete in. It is a great accomplishment that we have not one, not two, but three sports teams in one season going into their state competitions and are expected to perform exceptionally.

So Knights, be sure to go out and cheer on your amazing sports teams as they compete for the state champion title!