University of Arizona College Visit

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Arizona State University vs. University of Arizona. A rivalry as old as time.  As a senior, many of my friends are getting ready to head off to college. The two main colleges I hear that my friends are planning to attend are ASU and UofA. If you were like me, I had no idea where I wanted to go, until I became a senior. Well, if you can’t decide, but know Arizona is the right state for you, you’re in luck! University of Arizona will be coming to ACP October 25, this Thursday!

Located in Tuscon, Arizona, University of Arizona is well known for their business, management, and marketing degrees. These degrees were most popular among the graduating class of 2016. Also, the Wildcats have some great athletic teams, most notably their men’s basketball, baseball, and softball teams, for they all won national titles.

Tuition is always a big subject when it comes to college, but luckily for Arizonians, in-state tuition is only $11,591, as compared to the $30,745 for out-of-state residents. Also, if you’re looking for a smaller school feel, one similar to ACP, UofA’s honors college is the way to go! With about 4,500 students, the honors college has a unique way of teaching. This may be a good transition for you, because as an ACP student, you already know the challenges of a rigorous school, better preparing you for what is to come in college!

If the University of Arizona sounds like a fit for you, make sure to check it out when their representatives are on campus. For more information about University of Arizona, see Ms. Dalton in our college and career center. Also, make sure to stop by the UofA presentation October 25!