A Homecoming Thank You Letter

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A Homecoming Thank You Letter

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The spirit of L. Frank Baum’s classic novel filled our campus as the preparations for ACP Erie’s annual Homecoming commenced. Wherever you went, the Wizard of Oz was present. It was incredibly exciting to see the anticipation in the student body as they waited for Homecoming to approach.

Homecoming could not have existed without the hard work of the faculty and students, and, as result, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped out to make this event possible.

Thank you to Kaitlyn Starks, Julia Rome, Courtney Reynolds, Ahlias Jones, Miranda Romero, Neha Kairam, Elizabeth Tullo, Sierra Levoy, Whitney Riley, Kaitlyn Burke, Mrs. Michaelson, Coach Skaff, Coach Belle, Coach Fraiser, Krista Rowan, Daria Sukhareva, and Ashley Rulffes.

I would also like to specifically thank Ahlias Jones for his major contribution to the planning and organization of our Homecoming assembly. It was absolutely amazing, and was definitely unique from our previous Homecoming assemblies.

To demonstrate the hard work of all those involved, I decided to interview two staff members who made a huge contribution to the planning.

Mrs. Michaelson – StuGo sponsor:

Q: How long did it take to plan and set up Homecoming and the events preceding it?

A: Believe it or not, we actually started planning for Homecoming the day after graduation. Our students get together, they have a welcome meeting, and at that very first meeting, they vote on the Homecoming theme for the nest year and start brainstorm in their committees the types of things they want to see. We kind of gave them a break over the summer, and as soon as we got back, they hit the ground running. They started doing the research for how to make the decorations happen or the activities and planned out the budget given to them by me and our treasurer. Once they had their budget, they began to figure out what things they could afford and what things they can’t afford. We started having conversations with different people, getting contracts, getting quotes for how much things cost, and working on district paperwork. I would say we really spend a majority of the quarter to make sure all the different details fall into place.

Q: What was your favorite part about Homecoming?

A: It was probably a tie between the character dance in the assembly that Coach Skaff put together for us because it was really different from anything we have done recently and gave teachers an opportunity to participate in a fun way. I really enjoyed that. Actually setting up for the dance on Saturday was really fun, as well, because I got to be on a lift. The draping that was in there was put up by me. The kids laid it out on the ground, but to be the one who got to lift it up and hook it was really fun. The STUGO kids worked really well on Saturday, and just seeing them demonstrate team work–from an adviser standpoint—was really exciting.

Q: How were you involved in the planning and preparations for Homecoming Week and the actual dance?

A: As an adviser, I give guidance throughout the entire process. We start off brainstorming on what STUGO wants to do for the student body. As the adviser, I kind of have to look at what is possible versus improbable, are the ideas going to be well received, are we really representing the student body, and what they want done. So, from there, we have conversations about how to move forward, what they aren’t sure how to do, how to brainstorm solutions, and how to execute what they want to execute. After that, I kind of take a step back and really encourage the committee heads to be the ones who are initiating conversations, whether it is with Mr. Bickes, the bookstore person, or the owner of a company. Once we decide what is going to happen, it’s really their baby. I am there along the way for questions on how to do something. Financially, I make sure student government doesn’t run out of money, make sure we are following the budget we have, and use our money wisely. I help them understand that process.

Mrs. Skaff – Head Cheer Coach:

Q: How long did it take to plan and set up Homecoming and the events preceding it?

A: We started planning in July before we came back to school as soon as STUGO told us what the theme was. As far as setting up for it, we set up that morning.

Q: How were you involved in the planning and preparations for Homecoming Week and the actual dance?

A: I didn’t have anything to do with the dance. That was all STUGO, and they were amazing. In the weeks leading up to it, Student Government asked if cheer would be interested in having the faculty be a part of their program, and we said yes. So, we choreographed them in. We sent out the information and practiced our piece for about a good three weeks before we started.

Q: What was your favorite part about Homecoming?

A: I really loved the theme this year. I thought it really led to some creativity. My favorite part was just being at the game and watching the student section have a good time, listening to the band play, watching the football team do amazing, and getting to see my girls just kill it on the field.

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped made out this magical night possible!