Spirit Line’s Sweet Treat

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ACP’s 2017-2018 spirit line poses for a quick picture at their big event!

Looking to purchase a sweet treat before school, but don’t have enough time to go to Krispy Kreme to get one? Well, you’re in luck! ACP’s spirit line will be selling donuts before school tomorrow morning. As you may remember, our spirit line held the same event last year, and boy, was it a success!

My friends and I, both to support our fellow Knights, and to receive our donut cravings, bought more Bosa donuts than we could eat! This sale isn’t only for our satisfaction, but also to raise money to allow our Knights to go to nationals. The spirit line has been working harder than ever at perfecting their stunts, dance moves, and much more. To showcase their moves, the spirit line will perform at tomorrow’s Homecoming assembly, just after their donut sales. My friends and I are sure to take advantage of this opportunity and buy a sweet treat before school. Not only will you be satisfied, but our spirit line will be one step closer to making ACP history at Nationals!

Come support your Knights and help them raise enough money to go to Nationals! They are sure to make us all proud. Remember to get your donuts before school!