Trevor Booth: Revolutionizing Court-Side Coverage

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One of the pioneers of ACP’s own basketball team has begun to make his mark on another front: sports journalism. Trevor Booth, ACP alumni – now attending ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism – has already pushed to the forefront of ASU sports coverage. Already promoted to Devils in Detail’s co-editor, Booth oversees many University sports, prospects, and individual statistics. Already, Trevor’s articles have been noticed by pivotal sports coverage monoliths.  A recent article by the former ACP Knight,  “ASU Football: How good will Manny Wilkins be in 2018?” was already picked up by Sports Illustrated! Here’s what the star journalist had to say about the article:

Q: Favorite sport to cover?

A: Obviously, playing and watching basketball my whole life has been a huge part of that, and with how ASU started last season, it made covering the team that much more exciting. Also, I’ve grown attached to boxing for the past three years or so. Some may consider it a dying sport, but there’s no sport that can replicate its anticipation, hype and exhilaration when a big punch is landed.

Q: Any specific choice for what company you want to work with once you leave ASU?
A: I’d love to work my way up to a big market city in my career. Any major outlet would be great, but I’ve really been impressed by The Athletic of late. They write interesting feature stories and they’re growing at a fast pace.
Q: Do you want to cover national or college teams?
A: National teams, for sure. The Lakers’ reporters have the best job on the market right now with LeBron there and the aura around Los Angeles. College is great, but the attention around stories in the pros is much higher.
Q: How should aspiring sports journalists work to get where you are today?
A: You can’t settle for a good story and can’t harp on a bad one. Each day is different, and that’s why I love what I’m doing. You always learn something new and you can always improve no matter how much experience you have. Work hard, but also find a balance for the things you enjoy. If you do that, everything will take care of itself.
Trevor Booth definitely seems at home in this field. His advice is sound not only for journalism, but any field that our students may want to enter. You can’t stay on one topic, especially in a time of such fluctuation and growth across the world. Finding a balance between working hard and loving work is crucial to loving your decisions for a career. Finding that balance, like Trevor already has, can lead to an astoundingly rewarding career. One thing is for sure, Our ACP Knights can’t wait to see Trevor working under The Atlantic, reporting on our favorite national teams.

ASU Football: How good will Manny Wilkins be in 2018?