ACP Swim Team Beats Prescott


This past Thursday, August 30, ACP’s Swim Team traveled to Prescott, AZ, to swim against Prescott High School. With both the boys and girls teams ready to face their rivalry teams, ACP confidently strode onto the pool deck.

Tensions were high before the singing of the National Anthem. All swimmers stood across from there competitors: ACP vs. Prescott High School. Soon, the announcer’s booming voice sparked the start of the meet. The first out of eleven events began, but not without an uproar of screams, shouts, and applause from both teams. Not long after, the boys’s relay team swam the 200 Medley Relay, which consists of four swimmers swimming two laps of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle, respectively. With a landslide victory of the boys taking first and second places, the girls stepped up for the 200 freestyle, which consists of one swimmer swimming eight laps of freestyle. Along with the boys, the three girls who swam, Kashish Mewani, Brisa Serrano, and Caroline Whitesel, took first, second, and third place. This allowed ACP to create the start of a landslide victory.

Caroline Whitesel (12) and Kate Shimkas (9) are all smiles after the first meet of the season!

After a short ten minute break during the middle of the meet, ACP’s score impressively reflected the team’s ability, endurance, and positive mood, for ACP already had a higher score than the competitors. With an encouraging coach and ecstatic teammates, ACP was able to power through the last six events, taking first and third in the boys 500 freestyle, and first and second in the girls 500 freestyle.

Soon, the final event came to an end, with ACP claiming first, second, and third places in both the boys and girls relays. Overall, ACP won with a total score of 216-122, with a boy’s team score of 106-63 and a girl’s team score of 110-59. If you see any of ACP’s swimmers around campus, make sure to congratulate them on their landslide victory!