Joshua Pulsifer and The Bicycle Thief

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Among the glowing reviews of Josh Pulsifer’s short piece ‘The Bicycle Thief’, one jumps out higher than the rest: “‘The human mind loves nothing more than jumping to conclusions.’ –Maria Konnikova
This story illustrates that observation and then adds a delightful ending.”

ACP Erie is well known for the advantageous and prestigious writing from its students; one of our best being Joshua Pulsifer. On July 18th, 2018, The New York Times magazine published a short story from our own ACP alumni! The story, centered around a diary entry recounting a strange event occurring between a bartender and cyclist, offered much to the reader’s imagination. Here’s what Josh Pulsifer had to say about the published piece:

Q: What inspired this piece?

A: I was watching the morning sun rise only to see this beautiful moment unfurl in front of my eyes between a bicyclist and a neighborhood bartender. The second it was over, I opened up my computer to get to typing. Mailed my piece in within the hour, and here we are!

Q: A lot of readers have interpreted the ending differently. Did you have a specific idea of how you wanted readers to interpret the story?

A: I hope the ending and the story as a whole emphasize the magic of observation. I spend hours watching, “the world below,” and in this case, the mere physical distance I had from these two men allowed for the drama of the scene to peak and resolve without having to move at all. Barely awake, I felt brotherhood, sincerity, and humanity. I hope that people feel that and will take time out of their own day to look.

Q: Is this your first published piece? If so, are you interested in writing more?

A: This isn’t my only published work, but it is certainly the most exciting! I write quite a bit and I’m wrapping up my first book before heading off to college this September.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring publicists and story submissions?

A: Read books! And don’t just read the school mandated novels; read exciting, provocative, daring literature! Feel emotion when you read, connect to the characters. Reading saved my life; I hope it can save yours too.

Publishing a piece of literature may seem difficult at first glance, but the truth lies in Josh Pulsifer’s words. Anyone has the ability to write, as long as they know how to hold a pencil. Taking the time to observe your surroundings, breathing in the living world around oneself, is a perfect way to capture the creative spirit.  ACP Erie boasts a fantastic number of extraordinary authors, but that does not mean writing is an unteachable trait – every single person has the ability to watch an event happen before their eyes, and write it down. Reading interesting and captivating books is a fast-track to writing prowess, and that power truly lies within each of us. To read Josh’s fantastic article, click here: