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An Enchanted Evening

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One of my all time favorite things is going to the movies with my friends. It always seems so hard to pick a movie because my friends insist on seeing horror movies, which I avoid at all costs. I absolutely love rom-coms, especially ones I can relate to. After a movie, I often find myself daydreaming of my senior year, and most importantly of Prom.

Prom, to me, is magical. It seems as though I’m Cinderella headed to my unforgettable night; my Prince Charming is meeting me there for the perfect night. If I’m being honest, I started thinking about Prom when I was thirteen, but ACP’s Enchanted Prom got me thinking. The Prom I have dreamt of for years isn’t exactly a reality, for my opinions on dresses, locations, and how I want to be asked has changed. That got me thinking about Promposals. Do I really want a Promposal? Well, that’s a definite Yes.

Promposals, in my opinion, are the center of Prom. I love seeing pictures all over Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Promposals have overtaken social media, especially around Prom time. If you didn’t know, a Promposal is similar to a proposal, except no one is getting married; a Promposal is a cute, trendy way to ask someone to Prom. The person who asks the other to Prom seems to go all out, as in they have flowers, a poster, and chocolates. The tradition of Promposals has changed over the years, and as we saw in our assembly, Cameron and Meg have raised the bar on how to ask someone to Prom. Along with Cameron, Jordan Diaz, a current senior at ACP, recently asked Nandini Patel (pictured left), who is also a senior, with flowers, chocolate, and a well-thought-out poster. He surprised her with her gifts after school. Jordan explained that he thinks Promposals are important, for they’re part of the Prom experience.

Prom isn’t only an unforgettable night for seniors. Ryan Lee, current sophomore, asked Emilie Bro, current junior, to Prom with a inside joke between the two (pictured right). Now, you may be asking yourself, what happens after these Promposals? Well, Prom!

This year’s Enchanted Prom will be held Saturday, April 28, at Villa Siena. If you went to Prom last year, you may recognize the DJs. These incredible music lovers will be rocking out with ACP’s 10th-12th graders all night. Prom is an unforgettable event I can’t wait to attend. So Knights, I ask you, will you go to Prom with me?

An Enchanted Evening