Champion of the City of Chandler’s Creative Diversity Contest

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Ever since I was in preschool, I was enthralled with art. It was my goal to be an artist, but as I grew older, I realized it wasn’t my calling, simply because I couldn’t, and still can’t, draw. Alessandra Isaacon, a current seventh grader at ACP-Erie, recently submitted an acrylic art piece to the City of Chandler’s Creative Diversity Contest, and the results were unforgettable.

One of the previous winning art pieces from Chandler’s Contest

In an interview with Alessandra, she stated how she completed her project on her own time but used all the tips her teacher, Ms. Krom, taught her throughout the year. Alessandra’s piece was an acrylic picture, which took her about two weeks to perfect. Alessandra explained how she wanted to make her painting unique and diverse so she may receive a wider audience. After a few agonizing days, Alessandra received an email stating she had placed first, or received Gold, in her age group. Both Alessandra and Ms. Krom exclaimed how ecstatic they were. Ms. Krom continued by saying she knew Alessandra was talented from the beginning and continued by saying how proud she was of her. Alessandra’s advice to artists who want to enter pieces in an contest was to not be afraid and to take risks because they usually pay off in the end. Alessandra and Ms. Krom will be recognized at the Chandler Chamber Meeting. Knights, be sure to congratulate Alessandra if you see her in the halls, as this is one huge accomplishment!