Naomi Clemente-Schroeder Places with the Top Ten

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Writing essays during class is one of the most tiresome school projects I’ve encountered in my twelve, almost thirteen years of schooling. I always dread the standardize testing simply because of the essay. All I think about beforehand is how much my fingers will ache and how I will figure out a good, interesting idea to entice my readers. Some people, unlike myself, have the talent of writing award-winning essays. One of these many people attends ACP-Erie. Our own 7th grader, Naomi Clemente-Schroeder (pictured left), recently placed in the top ten writers and artists who submitted to the Southwest Airlines “Symbol of Freedom” Art and Essay Contest. Now, Naomi didn’t just place in an artistic contest, but she also won an all-expense paid trip to Memphis to view historic buildings and other symbols of freedom.

In an interview with Naomi, she explained how she submitted both an artistic representation of Freedom and an essay. Both took hours, even days of dedication to complete. She continued by stating this contest was her first writing/art contest. Not long after she submitted her works, she received a call from the contest coordinators, who broke the news to her that she placed in the top ten writers and artists. She exclaimed she was in shock that she placed and how she screamed with joy. Not only did she find out she won a trip to Memphis, but she also will receive tickets to a Phoenix Suns game. It’s no surprise Naomi placed in her art and essay contest, for her eloquent speaking skills were well accounted for when she gave her advice to those who want to enter in a writing or art contest. Naomi exclaimed, “Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner-self and pour it into what you are creating.” She continued by clarifying, “It’s more than what the theme is. It’s you and the theme and the unique mix… that create something beautiful.”

Her simple advice can go a long way. Writing and art contests are happening everyday. Some of these include: the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, The National Poetry Series, Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition, and Acrylic Works 6. Most of these competitions offer cash for a prize or some sort of grant or scholarship for upperclassmen. Other contests, like the ones listed here, can be found through simple Google searches, on social media, or even through friends and parents.

The featured image displays some of the winners from the Southwest Airlines “Symbol of Freedom” Art and Essay Contest.