Ranking the Events of the 2017 Knight Games

The third annual Knight Games was an absolute blast.

Instead of doing some boring write-up recapping this year’s Knight Games, I thought doing a ranking of my favorite activities would be more fun. I considered naming the article “7 Wild Knight Games Activities: You Won’t Believe Number 3!” but that sounded a bit too Buzzfeed.

Before diving into the rankings, huge shout-out to STUGO for putting on this event. It was extremely well-run, and I honestly have no idea how they did such a great job of setting up in just three hours. Way to go guys; I can’t wait to see what you put together for the winter dance on December 2nd!

Now, the rankings!

5. Color War

I know, I know, a lot of people may disagree with the Color War not being number 1. However, these are my rankings. The sequence of events leading up to the battle was very entertaining.

  1. A couple hundred cups filled with color powder are placed in the middle of the field, and each grade level surrounds them.
  2. Kaitlyn “Kakes” Starks announces that the war will begin once the color cannons are fired; 7th and 8th grade take this as their cue to make a dash at the cups.
  3. About 10 STUGO members run out and form a blockade, somehow preventing the charging students from reaching the colors.
  4. Everyone returns to their initial spots. Kakes reminds everyone to WAIT UNTIL THE COLOR CANNONS ARE FIRED.
  5. Music begins playing.
  6. All grade levels run to the colors.
  7. Everyone begins throwing powder at each other; it’s madness.
  8. Thirty seconds later, the cannons are fired.

ACP’s listening skills are unmatched by any other.

4. Ship to Shore

Ship to Shore was described to us as “Simon Says, but cooler.” We had to do a few… interesting moves such as “octopus” and “hit the deck,” but the most fun came toward the end of games when friendships were tested. With 3 people left, we might be asked to form a 2-man boat. The dirty looks shot from the person left out and eliminated were legendary.


3. Name that Tune

The name is rather self-explanatory. A song would play, and a member from each team had to run, put on a sombrero, spin three times, and name the tune. The game was INTENSE when my group was there, although there wasn’t much competition. I think I saw a few tears from the other team.

2. Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt was all about the pictures, such as this one:

And this one, posted by team 13 Pink!

Ms. Lindstrom looks pleased to be having her picture taken here.

1. ZUMBA!!!

I’ve never felt more alive than I did Friday night for the nine minutes that middle-aged women on a screen led me in dancercising. Zumba is life!