MORP Spirit Week 2023

Tuesday’s Spirit Day: Pajama Day

Monday: No School: Veteran’s Day

Tuesday: Pajama Day: wear your most comfortable sleeping clothes and enjoy the fun!


Wednesday: BBQ Dads Vs. Soccer Moms: who will win? The dad behind the grill making the hot dogs and the burgers, or the designated snack supplier and the team carpool driver?

Skaters Vs Surfers

Thursday: Surfers Vs. Skaters: Whether you’re hanging ten or grinding the rails, everyone can agree that skaters are superior, or was it surfers? Dress to impress with either flannels or beach attire, and find out who really is the superior group.

Friday: Neon Out: Dress like your favorite color highlighter – with a wide variety of colors to choose from -greens to pinks and from yellows to blues. the brightest, most blinding day of spirit week right before the crowing achievement: MORP!

Thanks to ACP STUGO and our wonderful staff of teachers for putting this excellent spirit week on for us, and for setting up MORP during their weekends! These individuals are true examples of the PREP way, striving for the impossible, and being extraordinary! Go Knights!