ACP Students’ Art Displayed In CUSD District Office

ACP Students Art Displayed In CUSD District Office

ACP is a school dedicated to helping students pursue their passions, whether that is with sports, math, marketing, film and media, journalism, art, ceramics, and more. By putting time and effort into their crafts, students can achieve the impossible, reaching for the stars, and the district office.

Quite a few students here at our fair academy have been working quite hard at their craft because they were given the honor of having their artwork displayed in the main offices of the Chandler Unified School District, and their artwork will be there from now until March.

The artwork that beautifully displayed belong to the following amazing students: Quinn Burnham, Justice Ghella, Julie Peacemaker, Sophia Sandoval, and Riley Wood. There were also numerous ceramic pieces that are credited to Evalysia Kean, Alyssa Ackerman, Hallie Smith, Sanjana Boodapati, Karen Norris, Allison Weber, Ella Pallagi, Allison Standke, Ryan Troung,  as well as Anoushka Sethi, Ella Roy, Abby Lawrence, and Sean Connolly.

Please stop by the Chandler Unified School District offices from February until March to enjoy these incredible pieces of work that students at our school have made by following the PREP way, working hard, and striving for the impossible and being extraordinary! Go Knights!