An Interview with Mr. Rumsey: ACP S&D


Mr. Rumsey is an essential part of ACP culture, and has been coaching our Speech and Debate team since 2014. I met with him recently and interviewed him about the team’s performance over the 2022-2023 season, and about their performance in the upcoming Jackrabbit and State tournaments.

The first thing I asked him was about the team’s performance at previous tournaments, “Well we’ve taken first or second in every tournament, specifically we’ve taken first three times and second three times.” I also inquired about what he thought the team’s performance at Jackrabbit and State would be, “Probably the same, so first or second place. We are very close in skill with BASIS Peoria, because we’re the top two teams, so it’s a very close competition. For State there’s a very limited number of people who can attend, and that will also be very close. The last three years we’ve taken state in D2, but this year we’re in D1, so it’ll be very, very close.”

The next thing I asked about was the events that Mr. Rumsey liked watching, “My favorite event to watch is probably Duo Interpretation” at which point other students in the room interjected with “Duo Interpretation? It’s the best thing to watch and the best thing to do!” At this, Mr. Rumsey clearly agreed, laughed, and nodded his head in agreement.

I also decided to ask if Mr. Rumsey himself had done Speech and Debate in high school, “No, actually I was a sport kid. I played football, baseball, and basketball.”

Finally, I asked him if he had anything to say to future members of the team. “Well, it’s probably completely different from what you think it would be. Anybody can do Speech and Debate and be successful, but it will still challenge you in every way, shape and form. It will definitely make you tougher, and help you win more arguments.”

Mr. Rumsey, along with the rest of the Speech and Debate team, is helping the future presidents, leaders, diplomats and more speak and debate for the future, and of course they all strive for the impossible and extraordinary! Go Knights!