Henry Bridwell and the ACP Mountain Bike Team


Mountain biking is an interesting sport with various rules compared to other sports, but that doesn’t stop people from feeling the thrill of watching the sport. Since not many people know about the sport, we sat down with freshman Henry Bridwell and asked him a bit about the sport and why he enjoys it.

When we asked him about how Mountain Biking works competitively, he said that “Mountain Biking is a sport where contestants race against each other in an hour-long course that winds around hills and mountains, the first one to the finish gets the first place medal, of course.” He also talked about what is needed to participate in it, saying to compete you need “A mountain bike and a helmet, but that really is all you need to participate. Although I do recommend bringing a water bottle or water pack as you can get dehydrated during the race.”

We also were curious as to how Henry prepares and trains for his races and how he got into mountain biking. He told us that “There is no concrete perfect way to practice for Mountain Biking, but I ride my bike not just in the mountains, but also on city streets, to ensure I have the basics down perfectly. I got into mountain biking from one of my friends inviting me on a bike ride around a mountain, and I loved it. I joined the Mountain Biking team in my middle school, and I have stayed in it ever since then.”

Henry hopes that “I want every member of both my team and other teams to have fun and enjoy the competitions.” We here at the Knight Times also hope that every student taking part in a sport can have fun and bring at least a few wins home for our school. Go Knights!