New Teacher Interview- Mr. Toresdahl


Mr. Toresdahl is one of ACPHS’s newest additions to the history department, who teaches Honors and AP to freshman, and has taught across several CUSD schools. Mr. Toresdahl is an experienced educator, and has put many years of his life into bettering the students he teaches.


When I inquired about being new on campus he delightfully responded, “I love being a new teacher on campus; I’ve worked at several schools across the district, and this has been my favorite by far!” as well as explaining “The students and staff have been very welcoming”. I decided to ask about how he is teaching the AP curriculum, to which he responded, “AP World has been a rewarding challenge for me, and my students have handled it with incredible diligence and perseverance so far this year, and I love learning a new thing in every class!” For teachers that have worked in schools in the CUSD for a while, eventually you’ll meet an old coworker at an entirely new school, and this rings true for Mr. Toresdahl, as he worked with another new teacher, Mr. Schaffer, at a previous school for seven years and has also become closer with the other members of the history department. One of the things Mr. Toresdahl enjoys about ACP is the atmosphere, saying “it is refreshing to see so many students get involved with clubs and school spirit” and that he “especially loved the creativity during Homecoming Spirit Week”.


When asked about what he enjoys doing outside of school, he responded by telling my that “In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends,” and also enjoys “outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking” as well as being an avid lover of going to sporting events or concerts whenever he has an opportunity. Mr Toresdahl is an Arizona native, “born in Mesa, and raised in Chandler” and he also “briefly lived in the Midwest” but was partial to Arizona winters, so he and his family moved back out to the southwest. Since being raised in Arizona, he has lived through quite a few geographical changes in The Valley and has loved watching the progression throughout the years.

Mr. Toresdahl is a new teacher to ACP and is already a great addition to our school; he is inspiring his students to strive for the impossible and live the PREP way, which is something all our teachers do every day. Go Knights!