Justice Club

Courtroom action; legalities; sanctity of the law- all come together to define the essence of the Justice Club. It is exciting to be a part of this club with the goal of learning how our legal system operates, how arguments are presented, and how cases are won! Club members get together once a week on campus and sometimes off of campus to explore the complexities of the law.

Talking about the club’s specifics, it includes Teen Court and Mock Trial. Teen Court is an opportunity for kids in the club to understand the legalities of the juvenile justice system. Members of Teen Court get to experience the feeling of being a real lawyer by working with lawyers and other students. They get to understand what a reasonable punishment for the kids in the system is, which will give them a head start on their journey to becoming a lawyer. Another interesting aspect of the club is Mock Trial. Mock trial is a fake trial; it gives students an opportunity to create their own team of attorneys, witnesses, and a bailiff. This team then goes up against another team arguing about a made-up case. The whole process takes place in front of a judge (either a real judge or an adult taking the place of a judge) who assigns scores to individual students and the team as a whole. Even though the club has only met twice so far, members already have great things to say about the club. All the students in the club are always energized and ready to participate and learn. Mr. Osborne, the teacher sponsor of the club, is also really excited about the club and can’t wait for the competitions and real court experiences to start.

Having said my piece on why the Justice Club is a great choice for students, I rest my case with every reason for the jury to rule in favor of the Justice Club. Go Knights!