Emily Do: A Medallion Scholarship Winner

Emily Do: A Medallion Scholarship Winner

Every year Arizona State University gives out thousands of dollars in scholarship money to aspiring youth working toward their dreams. Recently, the 2022 winners of the Medallion scholarship, a scholarship based on leaderships, were picked, and ACP’s Emily Do was one of the winners. We sat down with her and asked for a bit more as to what the scholarship entails and how she got it.

Q: What is the Medallion scholarship and what do you do to get it?

A: The Medallion Scholarship is a $4,000 annual scholarship that Arizona State University awarded to high school seniors that exceed in leadership and give back to their community after the Alumni of Arizona State picks out students who they believe show what it means to be a leader. After getting picked they interview you about your experiences and what the scholarship means to you.

Q: Who funds the scholarship and why?

A: It’s funded by previous alumni of Arizona State, led by James Randall, to pick out a few kids each year that they think deserve the scholarship.

Q: Why were you picked for the scholarship?

A: I was picked because of my experience in leading in DECA and the Tennis team throughout my years in high school. The interview had a lot of questions about what it means to be a leader, and I used my experiences as a first-generation as an example of me leading my family and the generations that have yet to come in the right direction.

Q: What does the scholarship do for you?

A: Besides the $16,000, it also leads to a lot of leadership opportunities both in college and after. It’s a lot about school spirit, and it’s a lot about helping others, which is something I strive to do every day.

We’re proud of Emily for working toward her goals, and we know that she will find success and fond memories at ASU. The scholarship is handed out each year so next year, we may get more winners of the scholarship coming from ACP. Go Knights!