Baseball Shout-outs


As the baseball season continues, our team decided to start a new tradition, where the team members each choose a teacher from ACP to call attention to. Recently, we sat down with the coach of the ACP baseball team, Coach Pollak, and asked him more about this new tradition.

“Every player in our program picked a teacher they have this year, or a teacher they had in the past that has made an impact on them during their high school career. was what Coach Pollak said when we asked him what his goal was for these shout-outs. His goal with this was to let the students pick out a few teachers to praise for helping the students in some way. He emailed each teacher and figured out which home games they could attend and planned it all out with the teams. The coach said that “The goal is to spoil the teachers when they come out to a game with their beverage and snack of choice.” They also gave the teachers drawstring bags and baseball t-shirts, along with the best seats on the field. “This is a tradition I hope to continue and improve for years to come” was how Coach Pollak ended the interview, hoping that this tradition could continue and expand upon as the school gets larger.

In one of the recent games, Mrs. Patterson and Ms. Bunch were chosen as teachers to shout out, and along with the gifts given at the game, they were also given the honors of throwing the first pitch while being coached by the students who chose them. Mrs. Patterson’s thoughts on this were “I think that it’s a great tradition to start, and I felt so honored to not only be chosen by a current student, but a former student as well. The work that Coach Pollak and the baseball booster club did was wonderful, and we hope that every teacher will get to experience the same thing that I did with this event.”

I’m sure that everyone reading this will appreciate this heartwarming way to show off their teachers and just how much of an impact teachers can have on students. Many people at ACP will always have fond memories of their favorite teachers and the growth that they have undergone because of them. We hope that everyone here will keep these lasting memories and remember the lessons they were taught as they strived for the impossible and continue to be extraordinary. Go Knights!