“Sailing to Success” in the Global High School Investment Competition

Sailing to Success in the Global High School Investment Competition

In these articles, we mainly talk about STEAM subjects, things that apply to the classes taught in schools, but I’m happy to say that today, we can step back from the known and instead, embrace the unknown and look at a topic that many people forget exists. Stock trading. Yes, that one job where you can go from a millionaire to destitute in a matter of moments, riding the high and taking chances on businesses in the hopes of making bank. Recently, the Wharton Global investment competition was held around the nation to find the best junior investors, and our own school’s team, Sailing to Success, made it into the finals. We sat down with Wing Wang and asked him about the team and the competition as a whole.

Q: What is the Wharton Global High Investment competition and how does it work?

A: There’s a client we are given and a portfolio of stocks that the client can choose from; it’s our job to analyze the trends and stocks and give them advice on what to invest in.

Q: How did your team make it to the finals?

A: Our analysis and the stocks we chose were a big part of it, but it also helped that the people on our team were great at presenting the information clearly.

Q: How many teams were competing and how many people were on each team?

A: In the beginning, there were around 1,000 people. In the semi-finals, there were around 50, and in the finals are the top ten. Each team had somewhere around four to seven people each.

Q: Where did your team name come from?

A: The reason why we named our team “Sailing to Success” is because we used a method called Compass when we were analyzing the stocks. We thought since we used the method so much that a team name about sailing would be fitting, adding that our goal was to succeed. We eventually ended up with the name “Sailing to Success” by combining our two main traits as a team.

Q: What’s going to happen in the finals?

A: The main difference is that we are going to be presenting the portfolio we made live in front of the judges, with them choosing the winner out of the ten teams.

Q: How do you feel about making it into the finals, and how do you think you’ll do?

A: I am very excited and glad that we made it into the finals, and I think we have what it takes to go all the way to become the winning team.

Q: Why do you sign up for this competition?

A: I signed up because I take a great interest in stocks and trading, and the competition gave me a chance to pursue my dreams with others to help.

We are proud of Wing, the entire team of Sailing to Success, and how far they’ve come in the tournament. They are a prime example of our school’s students striving for the impossible and being extraordinary. Go Knights!