It’s International Knights Festival Time!


After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the International Knights Festival is back! Featuring a variety of cultures, experiences, and food-and with a no entry fee-this event celebrates the origins and differences between each and every one of us and allows us to embrace one another’s lifestyles. The committee is mainly the International Club, along with other members, and it is sponsored by Mrs. Williams (room C207). The festival takes place on April 8, 2022, which is next Friday! It’s from five to eight P.M. at the ACP High School courtyard.

Some events that will be hosted in the festival include, but are not limited to, are poetry reciting, singing, dancing, games and activities, and something that everyone loves: free food, which are sampled out at 20 booths that represent different cultures and countries as they teach you traditions and customs that people around the globe participate in, such as musical instruments that the Bangladesh booth is doing.

There will also be a raffle for a Nintendo Lego set, with the winner being announced at the festival, so test your luck if you’re interested! Another interesting take in this year’s festival will be passports! When you travel to a different country, it’s essential to have your passport with you, so it only makes sense that with every booth you visit, you’ll get a specific stamp from that culture-specific booth. From stamps of Canada, China, France, and Hawaii, it’ll be a perfect collection of items that you can treasure in the coming years.

As well as a passport for memories, you can also get t-shirts and tote bags at the festival! The t-shirts are available to wear on Friday’s, and there’s nothing wrong with a tote bag that serves as a function for carrying what you need while also being super cute! You can also order a shirt here so it can be ready and in time for the festival. They will also support the committee for future festivals to come, so it’s essential that we keep this very important event throughout ACP history for the betterment of educating others on different cultures.

Chinese Club Booth in a previous year

Diversity is important, but unfortunately, some people are misinformed or ignorant on aspects of a culture. That’s why an event like IKF is incredibly important for building the school’s inclusive environment as well as serving as both an educational and exciting opportunity for everyone because it allows individuals to feel celebrated as they have an audience that is willing to learn about their own culture.

The festival is only a week away, and it’s only for three hours, no entry fee, AND free food! So, make sure to check it out, even if its for only a little while. The committee has spent so much time and effort on making this event an absolute blast for everyone, especially since there wasn’t a festival for two years! As Mrs. Williams herself said, “International Knights Festival allows students and their families to bridge gaps and support cultural understanding through an engaging atmosphere with entertainment, activities, music, and food.” I’ll see you next Friday from five to eight, Knights!