Wrapping Up Third Quarter!


Finally! The moment has arrived! In just a few days, spring break will arrive and will be here to stay for two weeks. After all the hard work that you all have put in this quarter, it’s time for a well-deserved break. This quarter came and flew in only a matter of seconds, but there were a lot of memorable moments that will be cherished in ACP History. From MORP to Mr. ACP, there were memories made that a few years into the future, we’ll look back on and consider them part of a good time in our lives. Another thing to note is that the Knight Times has almost reached 1,000 articles! The team and I are excited to have reached this milestone, and we’re truly grateful to each and every single one of our readers out there! We hope to continue writing more articles for you for the coming years!

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Finally, when all is said and all is done, it’s important that we heed our motto: “Strive for the impossible and be extraordinary”. Although many of you have heard this phrase since the sixth grade, it’s crucial to realize how easy it is for anyone to stray from the path of nobility. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s equally true. Many people underestimate how effortless it is for a person to get caught up in the heat of their emotions and let that negativity consume them and what they do, which is why our school consistently tells us to strive for the impossible, because you don’t know what is possible if you don’t try. For example, in the past, many people all over the world thought it was impossible for anyone to walk on the moon, but here we are knowing that multiple people have walked on the moon since July 21, 1969!

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For the second part of the quote, being extraordinary doesn’t mean that you have to win a Nobel Peace Prize or solved world hunger. Sometimes, being extraordinary just means being yourself because in this day and age where conformity is so common yet extremely dangerous, being yourself and standing up for your beliefs are all that it takes to put a smile on someone’s face or make the world a better place. At times ,things may seem a bit doom-and-gloom because we’re making it be so, and when we do something special, when we are honest to ourselves and when we believe in our autonomy and self-control, our identity as an individual stays grounded and free despite how chaotic the environment around us may seem to be.

So, while this quarter is over, that does not mean time will stop as a result. There are only so many chances to try out new things and enrich yourself in new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take opportunities because you never know how amazing something until you try it.