Quarter Three Spirit Week


It’s been almost two months since our last spirit week, and our Student Government is proud to announce that during the week of March seventh to March eleventh, the week after Juniors take the ACT, we are having a spirit week to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week. The following are the Spirit days we have and a little description of what you can wear.

Monday- Cotton Candy Day: Starting off the week in the sweetest way possible, it’s cotton candy day. Show off your sweet swag by wearing all blue or pink, or a mix of both if you want to be that giant overpriced bag of cotton candy that has both blue and pink in it you can buy at baseball games.

Tuesday- Hubba Bubba Day: Light up your foreman and grab your (hopefully valid) Nordstrom coupons, because Tuesday is Hubba Bubba day. Dress up as your favorite stereotype of suburban Soccer Moms or BBQ Dads. Whether it be driving to school in a minivan or carrying a pair of tongs with you everywhere, We’re sure all of your outfits are sure to make any manager go running.

Wednesday- Payday: While you won’t get paid for coming on Wednesday, you do get a choice to dress casually or classy. Wednesday is payday, which is a strange name for this day, but I’m not complaining; I get an excuse to wear a three-piece suit and shoulder pads to school, and so do you!

Thursday- Babe Ruth Day: On Thursday, you get to wear your favorite sports jersey or gear for Babe Ruth day. There are a lot of different things you can wear as long as none of them are dangerous (I.E. a hockey stick or baseball bat).

Friday- Lifesavers Day: As we move into March, Arizona’s only slightly chilly winter is coming to a close, the days are heating up and the rain is coming. To celebrate the end of winter, we have Lifesavers day, where you get to wear your beach or tropical type clothes. This day has a lot of room for creativity, do you want to try wearing an old clunky divers suit? I’m sure you can do it if it doesn’t obstruct your face.

We hope you all enjoy the spirit days that our Student Government have designed for us and take part in at least one of these days. If you don’t, then we at least hope you’ll do a random act of kindness to put a smile on someone’s face, brighten that person’s day, and celebrate Random Act of Kindness week. Go Knights!