AAA Award Winners: Blake Enwiller, Mr. Mike Wright, Mr. Myron Blueford


The Knight: a representation of courage, military prowess, honor, loyalty, justice, good manners, and generosity, along with many other noble qualities. This and many other qualities is the main reason why our school’s mascot is the Knight because as a school, it is our expectation to live up to these standards. Last week, three people in our community successfully fulfilled those expectations as they were awarded the AAA award, which is only given to a volunteer, a student, and a staff member that clearly depicts what our district and school’s expectations are and what we as a school represent. Today, Blake Enwiller, Mr. Mike Wright, and Mr. Myron Blueford give us their experience and opinions on what it means to be a true Knight.

Q: How long have you been at ACP? What was your first experience like here? What was a goal that you had in mind when you stepped foot onto our old/new campus?

Blake: I’ve been at ACP for six years. Oakland for two, and then high school for four. For all six years, I’ve loved the culture and connectedness that this campus offers. My first experience with the ACP program was when I ignorantly missed the placement testing day, which I thought would disqualify me from ever becoming a student. Fortunately, I took the test on a make-up day. I’ve always held one primary goal on campus: give 100%. Though it sounds cliché, I’ve regretted giving minimal effort and backing out of commitments far more than losses.

Myron Blueford

Mr. Blueford: I have been at ACP since January of 2017. My first experience at ACP was very exciting. This is my first head football coach job and my first time teaching in a classroom setting, so I was nervous but more excited than anything. I quickly realized that I had an opportunity to start a lot of traditions with ACP, and it became a goal of mine to establish and increase the pride in our school and athletic programs. I realize that whether I retire or other circumstances, my time at ACP will eventually come to an end. I made it a goal that when that time comes, my contributions will last long after I’m gone.

Mr. Wright: I have been a part of the ACP Community for five years now. My goal in becoming a part of the community was to support my wife who is on the faculty and was making a career change after 10 years at another school.
Then of course there was the support of my son, Eric, who was coming to ACP straight out of elementary school, and I wanted to be sure he was comfortable here.

Q: Based on what you’ve seen of ACP’s culture, what aspects of it do you think are eye-catching and unique, yet helpful and help create a positive environment? Did anyone outside or within ACP inspire you or helped shape who you are today?

Blake: I have to thank the teachers and administrators. Each year, they connect with students and allow them to make the campus their own. Our school’s spirit at both sports games and campus functions makes me proud to go to ACP. Besides teachers, the diligent members of Student Government along with club leaders have added to this campus.

Mr. Blueford: I think there are a few things that are unique about ACP that add to its culture and positive environment, but the single aspect that stands out is our sense of inclusion. I feel that we embrace and celebrate our differences unlike so many other schools. The diversity on my team and in my Marketing/DECA program is very unique and we have an environment that allows anyone to flourish. Obviously, my mom has had the most impact on shaping who I am today. My mother believes in being a servant of others and that has shaped my leadership style and my overall personality. My wife and two girls are constant motivation to be the best version of myself. Professionally I have had quite of few influences. Sam Jacobs who is the head coach at Sunnyslope High School is a friend and mentor who showed me how to run a football program the right way.

Mr. Wright: One of the unique things I have noticed about the ACP culture in the last five years is that everyone is treated like family. In my volunteer work with the ACP sports programs, I work most closely with people like Coach Blue, Coach Treadway, and Coach Ruiz. They have established norms in their programs that everyone is treated like a family member and you all pull for them or feel for them if something isn’t going well. As all the coaches have said to me, it’s great to have wins in your programs but the goal is preparing students for the next chapters in their lives whether than means college or something else.

Q: What are some values that are the foundation of your individuality and are important to you and your ability to speak for others?

Blake: When I speak for others as a member of Speech and Debate, I do not think of the result of the debate as hypothetical. There are real people being affected by the issues that I research in Speech and Debate, which makes this activity both enjoyable and important. The main value that I regularly rehearse in my head was introduced to me by Mr. Rumsey: “Leadership is not a title, it is earned through influence.” Though I’m not perfect, I realize that being a leader is nothing to take lightly as a buzzword on a college application. Additionally, respectful exchange of opinions is a value that I uphold because each individual has something important to offer.

Mr. Blueford: I always say my “meaning of life” is to constantly progress in life while positively impacting those along the way. I’m constantly working to better myself, but I have a constant awareness of those around me and how my actions can impact their lives. It keeps me grounded and makes tough decisions easier for me.

Mr. Wright: Being in the business world for 30 years, I have seen the focus on teamwork, honesty, and accountability. Those are values I think the ACP Community puts forth. Things aren’t always going to go your way. Chances are you aren’t going to walk off a college campus and immediately make a million dollars a year. But if you accomplish things as a team, address things as a family, and hold yourself accountable, things will be easier for you. Everybody can revel in their wins and successes. What defines people though is how you react to adversity. Everyone gets knocked down in life. What matters is how quickly you get yourself back up.

Q: What figure in history (or modern day) do you look up to and why?

Blake: Alex Trebek, of course. I took for granted the constant entertainment he provided for families every night, especially my own. He never made Jeopardy about himself, but his undeniable love for knowledge and sarcastic one-liners made the show special. Will Ferrell might have been the better host, but I digress.

Mr. Blueford: I have a few but one that always stands out is Tony Dungy. He is a former National Football League coach who believes deeply in his faith, is mild mannered, and empathetic. Things that aren’t commonly associated with a football coach. Yet, he is considered one of the better leaders in our society. I pattern a lot after his methodology.

Mr. Wright: One historical figure I most certainly admire and who I believe may have been the most consequential person to the well-being of the United States over the past 100 years was President Franklin Roosevelt. President Roosevelt led the country through the rebound of the Great Depression and the majority of World II. He responded to the atrocity that was Pearl Harbor. He did so, for much of his Presidency, infirmed to a wheelchair. I look at President Roosevelt and think to myself that if he can accomplish all he did with the adversity he had to deal with, I can certainly put forth the effort to try to accomplish as much as I can in life.

Congratulations to our lucky winners and thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for our community! Although life has its fair share of struggles, these three have managed to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. But, that doesn’t mean that they are the only people to represent our school’s values. There are plenty of other people that depict the traits of the Knight not only in our school, but in the rest of the world. And, you can be one of those people too! All it costs is a little bit of love and a passionate heart, that burns within each and every one of us!