Spirit for Homecoming

As the curtains draw to a close over this year’s first quarter, ACP knights begin to end the quarter with a bang. With Homecoming just around the corner, members of Student Government have been working tirelessly to ensure that this week will be one to remember. In preparation for this spectacular Spirit Week, StuGo has

Natalie Phillips
Other students participating in Monday’s “Toga Day”. Many students have found creative ways to make the spirit day worthwhile.

adorned the courtyard and cafeteria with decor and images representing the Homecoming theme, Gates to Olympus. With the white drapes hanging in the courtyard and cafeteria and the depictions of Greek relics, colosseum columns, and Greek Gods and Goddesses, the StuGo team has succeeded in making ACP feel as though the campus itself is seated atop of Mt. Olympus. 


In addition to the marvelous decorations, students and teachers alike have been participating in this week’s homecoming spirit themes. All of the themes for spirit attire incorporate some references to ancient Greek life while also providing students with an opportunity to dress in a fun, comfortable, and appropriate manner. Here is what senior Ryan Garcia has to say about spirit week:

Natalie Phillips
ACP Social Studies teacher, Mr. Tyler, participating in Monday’s “Toga Day”.

“I love spirit week because I am able to wear what I like and dress in comfy clothes. It is a nice break from the uniform; a nice, happy treat for once in a while.”

Indeed, the Homecoming spirit week is certainly enjoyable for almost everyone at ACP, and it is an exceptional way for students and teachers to show off their excitement for both the Homecoming game and the dance.

As the week goes by, it will be exciting to see how more students and teachers will exercise their creativity through the spirit attire. Do not forget to come to the Friday’s Tailgate Party and show support toward ACP’s football team during their first ever Homecoming game! Thank you for all the hard work StuGo has put into planning a wonderful week for this year’s Homecoming.


Seniors Rachel Morris, Madi Bonfigt, Megan Tonkinson, Susan Webber, and Rachel Kokernak demonstrating their spirit through Tuesdays “Rest in Greece Day”.


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