Space Visions Conference with Cyrus Faisal


The job opportunities in the field of space is rapidly expanding, and because of this boom, more and more methods of finding jobs in those fields are expanding. One of these methods is the space visions conference. We sat down with Cyrus Faisal, a freshman who attended the conference, and asked him a few questions.

Q: What is the Space Visions Conference?

A: The Space Visions Conference is a conference for students interested in the exploration and development of space, showing the advances in technology and the jobs offered within the fields.

Q: How long were you there and where was it?

A: The conference was four days long; however, the first day was just social parties. The entire conference was hosted in Houston space center of NASA.

Q: How many people attended?

A: Around 200-300 people attended the conference, and only about 20-30 of them were high school students.

Q: What was shown during the conference?

A: Various panels talked and answered questions and leading technologies were present along with student projects.

Q: Would you recommend more people attend the conference?

A: If you are interested in any field related to space as a student, this is a great opportunity to become well acquainted and get your name out. Even medicine and biology careers come into play with space.

As mentioned by Cyrus, this conference is great for people interested in space careers or in biology and medicine with an interest in space. If you would like to attend the conference next year, you can find the information on Houston Space Centers website. We hope that all of you follow your goals and attend the conference if you find it interesting. Go Knights!