Kayden Martinez and the National Hispanic Recognition Program

Kayden Martinez and the National Hispanic Recognition Program

As some of you may know, the students in the National Hispanic Recognition Program have been showcased in the Knightly update. What this means is students with a descent or heritage of Hispanic families are eligible to apply for this program. It is very helpful with getting into prestigious colleges, providing support in anything you need, and making you feel a part of an academic community. ACP is very proud of the students in the program and we want to showcase these students to you. I interviewed Kayden Martinez, a senior here at ACP, about the important things to know about the program as well as himself.

Q: Do you know what you want to pursue in the future?

A: In the future, I want to be a secondary education teacher. I’ve always had a passion for leadership and leading groups, so being a teacher just makes so much sense. I’ve also always loved school and have had so many influential teachers that made me want to choose this career aspiration. My end goal is to student teach at ACP then end up being a full-time teacher at ACP.

Q: How has being a part of this National Hispanic Recognition Program helped you?

A: When I first applied for the recognition, I had absolutely no idea what it actually meant or did for me until I reached out to the colleges I was interested in, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to apply!

Q: What are your hobbies that you like to pursue/ what are things that interest you?

A: As most people know, my life truly does revolve around school. I am active in many extracurricular activities and of course StuGo! So with that being said, StuGo is my number one hobby, and the leadership aspect that follows behind it really interests me.

Q: Are you in any clubs or extracurriculars?

A: At ACP, I’ve been involved in UNICEF since my freshman year, and I’ve had an executive position since my sophomore year! I’ve been a part of Key Club, Best Buddies, DECA, Spanish Honors Society, National Honors Society, FCCLA, and so many more!

Q: How did you get into this program?

A: I’ve always been interested in my heritage and my family’s background. So my family and I took a DNA test to see if we could figure out more about our past. To my surprise, I found out that my family is from the indigenous American area which is now the new Mexico/ Colorado area. Learning about my past has led me to further embrace who I am as a person. Once I received the email from College Board that I was eligible, I applied, then ended up where I am today!

As you can see, Kayden is very impressive. He worked very hard to this point in his life and has great goals for the future. Kayden is an inspiration to me and many kids here at ACP, as he shows us that no matter your gender, race, ethnicity, etc you can accomplish and do whatever you want. Being in the program has not only helped him learn more about his past and family but also has given him a lot of opportunities to pursue whatever he wants. This program is designed to help students achieve the best that they can, and make sure that they feel a sense of community. If you are interested in being in this program or one like, it don’t be afraid to reach out to your counselor or look on the school website to see what you qualify for. Knights, as always strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!