A Red Herring: Part I


This is a three-part-story that will be written every week and published on Friday’s to celebrate the spooky month of October. This is the first part out of three and all three parts will be written in two perspectives: one in bold text and the other in normal text . The next story will be published on October 22, 2021. Enjoy!

Thud! I wince at the loud sound and look over at my left, peering into the soft, brown house that belongs to my neighbor. It’s been three days since my neighbor has started redecorating her basement. I didn’t mind the sound at first, but now it’s really getting to me. I sighed as I took another bite out of my tuna sandwich. ‘Maybe I should tell her about the distraction.’, I thought to myself, ‘before I take matters into my own hands.’ My neighbor is a wonderful person, but the noise is driving me crazy. Another clanging of metal rang in my ears, making me groan. “I guess I’ll have to tell her now.” I muttered under my breath. I stand up from my seat, push my chair in, and lazily heaved my way to get my slippers and jacket.




I don’t think I could breathe anymore at this rate. I’ve been crawling to the door for ages with a wooden chair pressing into my back. My arms are red and sore from trying to squeeze them out of this tight, itchy rope and my knees ache with every step I take. I can feel my dirty blonde strands of hair stick to my sweaty face. Nevertheless, I’m getting closer to that black, coffee table with that silver key which will lead my escape. And then I’ll report her to the police. I don’t know why she did this, but I will escape. I have to escape. I have-

The door opens with a creak, and I freeze in my tracks. I gulp as my vision gets foggy. “There it is!”, she exclaims and giggles. I hear her hop down the wooden stairs and giddily get the key. That key. That beautiful, silver key that glimmered under the basement light. I finally collapse and fall to my side, my head ringing softly. I see her bend down with that disgusting, bear mask; it’s brown, round eyes taunting me. “Have you learned your lesson yet? You really should stop trying to leave. It’s very rude.” My cheeks start to feel wet. Have I been…crying? What’s that in her hand? It looks like a…-

-End of part I-